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my favorite game

2008-03-30 23:18:55 by DiAmOnD595

ok of ALL the game here on NG i think my favorite is "the Fight For Glorton"! and sheesh what a crappy name for a game right it sounds kinds nerdy right?

anyway for those of you who dont know anything about, the game was based off of SSBM (super smash bros. Male) but insted of nintendo characters you have these crappy locks from the "lock league" thingy

so you have the trash lock, ball lock, peach lock, strawberry lock, coffee lock, and this weir eggplant lokking lock... anyway its just a fun game play it with you friends.. only you and three others can play at a time... yes you can have four people playing simultaneously! or you can play it by you self with some AI computers! just do me a favor and play it!

my favorite game

OMFG i is new

2008-03-16 22:31:27 by DiAmOnD595

yes i am new to newgrounds... who cares about that crap there are SO many people signing up for this site everyday!

anyway i just watched the castle series, and i have to say it was the bast damn thing on newgrounds!
my only question is WTF happend to Etrius? will he come back because of the ancient powers?
what about that soldier? I WANT ANSWERS DAMN IT! >=D <--------- evil! i lover the series! it kicked ass!